I lived in Boston, MA, for 6 years. It was there that I discovered my vocation. Later, I moved back to México and continued as a school teacher. When I arrived to the Netherlands, I decided to go on my own; now I am a registered  freelancer.



I have professionally taught since 2004. From 2008 to 2016, I worked in a school teaching English, Philosophy for Kids, and Art & Music Appreciation. Since January 2018, I am a registered freelancer in Eindhoven. Nowadays, I specialize in:

  1. Helping Expats learn English, build up their self-confidence, get ready for interviews, and adapt to their new life in Eindhoven. 

  2. Tutoring children and young adults from international schools as well as those who need to work on improving their English. 



  • CAE, Certificate in Advanced English by Cambridge University 

  • ICELT, In-Service Certificate in English Language Teaching by Cambridge University

  • Course Supporting children with difficulties in reading and writing by University of London 

  • Course Coaching Skills for Learner-Centred Conversations by Imperial College London (2020)

  • Philosophy for Children by CECAPFI

  • Harvard Extension School:

    • Introduction to Memoir

    • Introduction to Poetry Writing

    • Introduction to Creative Writing

  • Curso Gramática para Profesores de ELE , avalado por el Instituto Cervantes (2020)



Eindhoven, Netherlands

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