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I lived in Boston, MA, for 6 years. It was there that I discovered my vocation. Later, I moved back to México and continued as a school teacher. When I arrived to the Netherlands, I decided to go on my own; now I am a registered  freelancer.



I have professionally taught since 2004. From 2008 to 2016, I worked in a school teaching English, Philosophy for Kids, and Art & Music Appreciation. Since January 2018, I am a registered freelancer in Eindhoven. Nowadays, I specialize in:

  1. Tutoring children and young adults from Dutch and international schools who need to work on improving their reading/writing English skills or develop strategies to strengthen their organizational abilities.

  2. Helping Expats learn English, build up their self-confidence, get ready for interviews, and adapt to their new life in Eindhoven.




  • CAE, Certificate in Advanced English by Cambridge University 

  • ICELT, In-Service Certificate in English Language Teaching by Cambridge University


  • Course The Science of Well-Being for Teens by Yale University

  • Course Supporting children with difficulties in reading and writing by University of London

  • Course Coaching Skills for Learner-Centred Conversations by Imperial College London

  • Philosophy for Children by CECAPFI

  • Harvard Extension School:

    • Introduction to Memoir

    • Introduction to Poetry Writing

    • Introduction to Creative Writing

  • Curso Gramática para Profesores de ELE , avalado por el Instituto Cervantes

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