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Imren Yurdanur, Turkey

Laura presents the fun and different aspects of learning English. She makes the lessons interesting by preparing personalized content for each lesson.
Her energy and motivation is always very high. I feel lucky to have met and worked with her.

Angela Liu-White, England

My daughter (studied at ISE) has had Laura as a private tutor for the last two years. I am glad to have found such a wonderful, caring, highly professional, and hard-working tutor. Laura is excellent to the highest degree - she REALLY cares about her students and she teaches using strategies of 'positive growth mindset'. In the last two years, my daughter has grown in self-esteem, confidence, and academic skill - believing that she is capable of anything! Laura works beyond my expectations - she prepares and researches and is always fully prepared in every session with my daughter. In the past two years - we have not just found a great private tutor but also a family friend. My daughter has enjoyed her sessions with Laura so much that despite my family relocating overseas we are hoping that Laura will continue to tutor my daughter over Skype! If you are looking for a tutor - I would be more than happy to recommend Laura to you!

Huriye Yaydemir Eyidogan, Eindhoven

Het beste Engelse lerares, ik raad het iedereen aan!

Eliana Martt, Brazil

Like me and you, Laura lived the same experience, the same challenge, and today she helps us find ourselves.

Learning English always very difficult. I didn't believe in myself, full of fear. After my first class with her, I left smiling, there was so much happiness! I was locked and Laura got to understand how the key works.

Laura is affectionate, teaches with soul, opens your eyes. She brings impetus to face the fears in front of you.

Rasim Aşkın Dilan, Turkey

Laura is very well prepared for the lessons, organized, supports you during the classes as well as out of the classes. I am very glad that we have met her. Totally I recommend her if you are looking for an English tutor!

Larissa Foltran, Brazil

I learned with Laura much beyond the English language. I learned a lot about life, feelings, and motivations.

Yu Iizuka, Japan

リビングで女子会をやってる感じ 楽しいよ!"

Ayşe İçaçan, Turkey

I have had many experiences with language teachers and I have to say Laura is the best without dispute. She is really organized and follows and prepares your lessons gracefully. Her lessons are always interesting. She does her work with love.

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