Improve your English: Learn Vocabulary with TV Series "Modern Family"

Do you want to improve your vocabulary? Do you have Netflix? Today, you'll learn 16 new words by watching only 5 minutes of an episode from Modern Family. They are divided into 3 levels. Check them out! Instructions Be ready to take notes and have the show ready: Modern Family, Season 1, Episode 2. A. Listen without subtitles from 0:00 to 5:17. Do you notice how much you understand? Rate from 1 to 5. B. Listen again without subtitles. This time, pay attention and check how ma

Improve Your Fluency: 5 Collocations With "Give"

A collocation is two or more words that often go together. Learning them helps increase vocabulary and fluency. Today, we'll learn my 5 favorite collocations with GIVE: give a break, give a call, give a chance, give a hand, and give a ride. Give (someone) a break To give someone help. Could you give me a hand? This box is to heavy for me. Could they give us a hand on Saturday? Give (someone) a call To call someone on the phone. Give me a call when you get home. I'll give you