Improve your English: Learn Vocabulary with TV Series "Modern Family"

Do you want to improve your vocabulary? Do you have Netflix? Today, you'll learn 16 new words by watching only 5 minutes of an episode from Modern Family. They are divided into 3 levels. Check them out! Instructions Be ready to take notes and have the show ready: Modern Family, Season 1, Episode 2. A. Listen without subtitles from 0:00 to 5:17. Do you notice how much you understand? Rate from 1 to 5. B. Listen again without subtitles. This time, pay attention and check how ma

Improve Your Fluency: 5 Collocations With "Give"

A collocation is two or more words that often go together. Learning them helps increase vocabulary and fluency. Today, we'll learn my 5 favorite collocations with GIVE: give a break, give a call, give a chance, give a hand, and give a ride. Give (someone) a break To give someone help. Could you give me a hand? This box is to heavy for me. Could they give us a hand on Saturday? Give (someone) a call To call someone on the phone. Give me a call when you get home. I'll give you

Why Is "Go to Home" Incorrect and How to Use It

If you've said, "go to home," this post is for you. It will help you learn 3 things: how to use go to, how to combine go with other adverbs (like go somewhere), and how to combine home with other verbs (like stay home). How to use go to You use go to to talk about going somewhere: Go + to + article + noun Go to bed Go to