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Why Is "Go to Home" Incorrect and How to Use It

If you've said, "go to home," this post is for you. It will help you learn 3 things: how to use go to, how to combine go with other adverbs (like go somewhere), and how to combine home with other verbs (like stay home).

How to use go to

You use go to to talk about going somewhere:

Go + to + article + noun

Go to bed

Go to Turkey

Go to a party

Go to the shop

Go to the cinema

How to combine go with other adverbs

When we add home after go, home is not a noun but an adverb. Home gives us the location or direction of the verb. These are some examples of adverbs that can be placed after go:

Go + home

Go here

Go there

Go anywhere

Go somewhere

Go to

How to combine home with other verbs

There are other verbs that can be combined with the adverb home, such as:

Go + home












Read and choose the best option.

  1. I'm very tired. Can we please (go home/go to home)?

  2. When are you flying (home/to home)?

  3. Do you want to go (to the movies/the movies)?

  4. Oh, no! I need to go back (home/to home). I forgot my wallet!

  5. Let's go (somewhere/to somewhere) for a nice cup of coffee.


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